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A couple weeks ago I drove my car back across the country. As usual it was packed full of books, clothes and well, more books. It felt like yesterday I was packing up to leave Victoria, but I'm back and now it feels like I never left.

One of the greatest aspects of Texas I missed is the array of interesting, random and completely unique stories we get to cover in this area. I have worked in Massachusetts, Kansas, New York and California. In none of those states did I ever get to take pictures of events as quirky as Armadillo racing or watch kids climb into pools with baby alligators.

Some of my most visual photos have come from Texas. All due to the personalities, spirit and enthusiasm for anything and everything Texans love most. To this day, rodeos are still one of my favorite things to shoot. Especially in the evening when the boots and cowboy hats cast long shadows across the ground in the fading golden sunlight. It's practically magic.

I've only been back a couple weeks, but I have been happily thrown into the daily life of the paper. I've been shooting everything from car accidents to farmer's markets. I followed around firefighters for a couple days (thanks Station 4!), visited with Allie Gonzales to photograph her pure love for cheer leading and even taken photos of a young 6-year-old hunting enthusiast.

When I was taking photos of Avery with her bright pink gun, bow and binoculars... I was not only thoroughly enjoying myself, but I couldn't help but shake my head and think "Only in Texas!"


It's good to be back.