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Tuesday's game at Riverside Stadium was quite the event. Before the game, both teams honored their friend and former teammate/competitor Austin Davis, who died unexpectedly last year. Watching the rivals come together was very touching. And then, as if this wasn't enough of a feature for me to photograph, the power at Riverside Stadium went out during the first inning. After the West team took some time tossing around a ball to keep themselves warm, they began to get restless. Before the coach called them over to actually practice a little bit, I snagged this photo.


A bird had landed on the field and A.J. Kuester and Blake Staff took up their bats and took aim. The teenager's childish gunplay proved that boys will be boys. I also loved that although we put a lot of pressure on the players as they take the field, they can still take some time to be young and have some fun.