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This evening I sat down and tried to write a blog for all y'all and apparently I have some sort of severe writer's block this evening because it went something like this:

"I'm really glad that my New Year's resolution was not to blog more, I've had enough resolutions over that past month that haven't panned out to

blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog"

Therefore I hope you will forgive me if I just show off some photos that I've taken recently.

This photo is from a performance of a Shepherd Play that I covered in Goliad last month. Image This was probably my favorite photo from the assignment. In the entire row of the audience everyone's attention is fixed on the performance happening outside of the frame except for the woman in the center, Gloria Cave, who appears to be smiling straight at me. The symmetry of the photo worked out even better than if I had planned it.

I also liked this photo of the performers marching past the audience.
Image I liked the fullness of the photo and the placement of the crosses on the walls and the audience members.

More recently I photographed a high school swim meet here in Victoria. If you're interested you can see the gallery here:

This is a photo that normally wouldn't run in the paper but I liked it anyway. The eyeball really makes the photo of this swimmer preparing for their race for me.


Hopefully next time I will have more to say. Until then. Thanks for reading.