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Last month I had the privilege of covering the Special Needs Prom. You can view the story HERE.

I got to witness most of the process from girls getting their hair and makeup done to watching everyone dance the night away. I talked to families of people who had never gotten to attend a high school dance and some that never really had much of a chance to leave the house growing up giving me a view into just how important this event was.

This is one of the photos that I posted in the photo gallery, which you can view HERE.

It didn't make the paper because I originally didn't like it. When you take a thousand photos in an evening it can often be hard to narrow down which ones are really good. I never did get the names of the children because I thought that I wasn't going to use the photo. After looking back on the photos weeks later i decided that I really liked the light and the Cinderella-esque moment of the girl stepping out of the limo and thought that I should give it some special attention here on this blog.

Overall, watching the pure joy in everyones eyes melted by heart over and over again. As journalists we often cover so much sadness and witness some of the darker sides of life. Having the opportunity to break that up with such a joyous affair made me really thankful to be a photojournalist.

I can't wait for next year's event.

Thanks for looking.