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I am constantly touched by our readers and our daily interactions with them. Jessica Rodrigo and I covered square dancing a few weeks ago and received the sweetest note from Lana Davis of Sparkling City Singles and Pairs today, saying that after our piece on them they've received calls and interest about their group. She wrote "As a longtime dancer, I am encouraged by the response and see it as a sign that maybe we can revive square dancing, again."

We loved watching them dance, talk about their devotion and the history of square dancing. A lot of the couples we talked with had met through square dancing and kept it up through years of marriage, moving and life changes.They spent their honeymoons, anniversaries and free time on weeknights square dancing. They reached out to others to teach them the steps and went out of their way to surprise each other with square dancing clothing or gifts over the years. Everyone we met was really inspiring.

It is heartening to think that our coverage of it may have helped keep that kind of passion alive and kicking.