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My favorite part of shooting Friday night football is the people who attend the games here in Texas. They're so incredibly spirited, practically from the cradle. They have their face paint, their bedazzled shirts, their noise makers, pom poms and bullhorns. They scream until their throats are raw so that their team will hear them... and play harder.

This young lady, Lexi Boner, 5, was screaming and dancing for Shiner with all her might during the Shiner Comanches v. Ganado Indians game Friday evening. When I talked to her mother, she said she has been bringing Lexi to games since she was just a baby and Lexi hasn't missed a game since.

That's the kind of dedication and spirit that we see at Texas football games. The local fans are there to support their team, win or lose, rain or shine. And that spirit is practically legendary. Whenever I speak with editors in other parts of the country, they always say "Football must be so much fun in Texas! You photographers must love covering it."

And the truth is, we do. A lot. No where else I've lived has even come close to what it's like to cover football in Texas. Not even a little bit.