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With the Victoria Livestock Show winding to a close this weekend I thought that I would take this opportunity to share an outtake story from one of the assignments I went on for the Livestock tab which previewed the event.


This is Norman, the female cow, taken from my instagram account. She is named after a cow with a male name from the 1991 movie City Slickers starring Billy Crystal. She is owned by Mr. Greg Gordon.


Mr. Gordon told me that Norman was one of a set of twins and was abandoned by her mother so he fed her at the house until she was large enough to be on her own. He also had to kick her into the pasture because after a while she seemed to think she was a dog, and was eating all of the dog food. Norman still comes with he calls and sneaks up to the house from time to time for treats.

I was originally sent to their house for a story on kids raising hogs on the property. In fact, when my editor saw my instagram photos she said "I thought you were there to shoot hogs? Did you photograph the wrong animal?"

I just loved the story, Norman, and of course this gorgeous sunset so much that I couldn't resist.

Image Image

As an extracurricular, they also had a dog, named Whiskey, that loves people so much when you stop petting him, the dog will paw at you until you resume with the petting. All in all, it was a good, animal-filled day for me in the world of journalism.