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Image reading the paper and I skimmed through the M3 section. Something caught my eye, the whole Megan Fox article...At first I was like oh dear lord but then I started to read it. Good job on it! I really have no respect for Megan really...and I have my reasons.

Ok, to some she may be hot or whatever, I do not even find her remotely beautiful, maybe it also has something to do with her personality.

She is way over rated, she is fake, and apparently she likes being this dumb so called woman with the only thing to offer is sex...

The comment she made about Scarlett Johansson and using big SAT words in her interviews to prove she is more than a sexy beautiful woman shocked me... well maybe not coming from her. So what if Scarlett uses words you cannot understand and probably never will, so what if shes gorgeous, more than you ever will be, there is nothing wrong with it...unless you want to be that dumb, air-headed floozy.

I have always found Scarlett beautiful and smart, and there is nothing wrong with that, in fact the world needs more Scarletts and less Megans. Team Scarlett :)

im audi.

<3 Keeks.