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This is a more accurate description of today as my fellow singletons smirk and laugh at those poor souls in the rush to get their someone something. Something that says, "I love you" yet does not say, "I waited till the last minute and this is all I could come up with that was on sale" that today brings out in people.

This is not a pity party about not having a Valentine nor is this a rant aimed at people who do have someone. You do not see women with no children being chastised on Mother's Day do you? It is the same concept. My problem with the holiday is the way it is all about obligation. I don't see how getting a mushy card today would mean anything. This is the same thing as when you tell someone to apologize, or make someone say thank you for has NO meaning. There is no spontaneity or romance in it, so how buying gifts = love makes no sense and is really superficial.

For the women - Do you concur? Would you say it has more meaning when a / your guy buys or does something for you when he is SUPPOSED to, or out of nowhere? Does this one day out of the year make up for all the other days he was an emotionless zombie? If this is the case I hope you save your energy in fussing when he does something wrong so you can get your flowers and chocolate to wipe the slate clean.

For the men - Why do you give into the pressure? When will you realize it's all about the gift? Just getting SOMETHING is not good enough. It's not the thought that counts when you are dealing with your significant other. You do know that a girl would prefer a $100 gift from Tiffany & Co. than a $500 gift from Fortunoff right? Why? Simple, because her friends will ask where she got it. What about giving flowers and a card as a gift? Getting her a card is a way to let something else do your thinking for you. In fact why not just tell her you got her a card cause you are too lazy and not creative enough to come up with something in your own words?

I think it would be more sentimental to women if men would show affection at all times and not just today. I am talking more to the males as that is who all the V-Day spending is geared towards. You don't see a guy getting all starry eyed at getting a teddy bear with a big heart shaped box of candy now do you? If you do, then a good idea for gift for them would be a ticket to see Brokeback Mountain. You have to show your woman you care. You have to...sigh this is leading to a blog I do not wish to do, lol.

So now you may ask, what am I going to do today to celebrate. I am taking someone out to dinner as a matter of fact. This person has been there for me since the beginning (literally), I love her more then anyone and quite frankly, the only woman I am scared to make mad. I am of course talking about my grandma. She is here visiting from Rockport as her in home caretaker / provider has the week and we didn't want her alone so she is staying with my Aunt till this weekend. We (the kids and I) weren't going to do anything but get a heart shaped pizza as they are my Valentines so I thought I could make plans AND let my aunt and uncle go out alone if they wanted to. I told my aunt I thought she didn't want to ditch Grandma to go out to eat so I offered but they were of course welcome to join.

Now before you call me a hypocrite about only wanting to take my Grandma somewhere only cause of the day it is, I will stop you right there. I actually TRIED to take her to Olive Garden in Corpus, which is her absolute favorite place two weekends ago. I say tried as my car died going into Portland and she settled for Long John Silver's, LMAO! She was happy which really is all that matters. Now she was excited to go out tonight and just spend time with us, but when I called her to tell her I was taking her to the Olive Garden, she was SO excited, it was great. A different circumstance being my Grandma, but my point of planning things out of the norm instead of when they are expected still applies.