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Image Here he is. He who inspired the name for the blog as he is the seventh (and last) member of the family. He was born Saturday December 6th, weighed 7lbs. 1oz and was 19" long. The stork dropped him off a bit early as he had a due date of Christmas day. Which reminds me of a story I will get to in a minute.

So, the last few weeks have been a bit busy with getting ready for the baby to come; packing bags, making arrangements with various members of the family to watch the kids depending on if my wife went into labor on a school day or not. That is not counting the level of misery she was in.

To say she was ready to have the baby would be like saying the ocean has water. Everything started this past Friday after I got home late from work as I was trying to get a new shelving unit / bookcase cabinet done for our movie library. Our old one was not damaged in anyway, but we capped it out at 187 movies which had spilled over into the video game shelves. OH NO THEY DIT'NT!  We cannot have that now can we?

The wife and kids were at my grandma's house helping with Xmas decorations when I got home. My gma suggested we take the opportunity of the kids focusing on whatever Disney show was on to go out to eat alone as she knew it would be a long time that would happen after the baby was born. I jumped up and say we are going to Saltgrass in San Antonio; but when reality set in settle for Whataburger.

After dinner we're back at my grandma's at nearly 8pm and in less than five minutes after arriving, the wife is sitting down when she notices...err... something going on. We head home with the kids as she is not sure if "it's time". As she is on the phone with her mom, I am packing the car with "the bag" and stuff for the kids because it's pretty obvious we should go to at least get things checked out. We call my grandma to let her know we're on our way back to drop the kids off so we can run away to another country go to the hospital.

We get to the ER and when they ask what we are there for, I give them a "Are you effing kidding me!!??" look and tell them we are there because my wife is suffering from sever abdominal swelling. They laugh as do other people in the ER waiting area. We fill out the little medical questionnaire and after about 10-15 minutes the intake guy calls us to ask us some questions before admitting her. I end up having to do the paperwork as she is a bit flustered, but no problem. This is where that story comes in I mentioned at the beginning.

While he takes notes on the back of the questionnaire paper, he's asking questions which I am having to answer most of them as my wife is still in pain. This of course would not have been such a big deal, had we not answered those VERY SAME questions. WTF MAN!? Look at the FRONT of the paper! Are you trying to catch us in a lie or something? What the heck is the point of answering everything if you just going to ask us EVERYTHING again? Fine. Whatever. What got me the most was he asked for her due date. Here's how the convo went:

Guy: "and your due date is?"
Wife: "Christmas day"
Guy: "OK, and that date on Christmas day?"

Are you effing kidding me? Seriously? Regardless of your religion, how do you NOT know what day Xmas falls on? Now you can go on about your certain walks of life, yadda-yadda-yadda but this guy was flat out dumb.

Fast forward a bit, they decide to induce my wife as she was far enough along and effaced enough to do so. She was awesome in the delivery. I say that not because I fear for my life; but honestly, she did great. She didn't scream at anyone, or even squeeze my hand/arm/head/neck at all. A funny part during all of the pushing was when after she pushed, I did the typical, "you're doing great babe. Rest and get ready to push with the next contraction" pep talk. During one of those this was said:

Dr: "and relax"
Me: "OK, that one was not so productive"
Wife: breathing heavily "What?"
Me: "Good job babe, you're doing great!"
Wife: nods head and continues to breathe

I'm crazy but I am not stupid. haha The baby was born and that's when we found out we had a boy. The nurse told my wife, "You were right mom, it IS a boy!" I replied, "YAY! For the first time in our marriage she has been right!" which got me a "if I was not laying here I would kill you!" look. hehe After some other ladies took Elijah to clean him up, they said, "Oh my gosh, he is SO cute!" and of course I had to say, "they say he looks like me babe" to my wife. haha

The rest of the day was followed with notifying all of my friends and family about the baby. I went to my grandma's to check on the kids and show her pictures, then home to shower and change. Life was as it should be till around midnight when my grandma broke her hip.  sigh

But that's a whole other story for another time. But to those curious, she is doing pretty good right now, complaining about hospital food and wanting to go home. haha