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Maybe it was all the extra people over the 4th of July weekend but people (in general) really made me wish I could carry a piece of lumber ala Hacksaw Jim Duggan and smack them across the face. Here are some of the people and the situations where they would have had to dig splinters from their face should that have happened:

- Waiting for an oncoming vehicle to pass in order to exit a parking lot only to find out they were turning into that same parking lot without using a blinker. UGH!

- People driving side by side in front of you with their windows open having a conversation. WTF! Call or text each other and move!

- In grocery stores, the aisle hogs when they have their basket blocking one half of the aisle and their body blocking the other half oblivious to other shoppers.

- People who go to the checkout / cashier while talking on their cell phones. This is just plain rude.  Heck, I hang up to go through the self checkout lane.

- Parents who cannot control their kids in a store. DOUBLE UGH WITH A SIDE OF WTMF!! Don't let them run in a place of retail, it is not a playground. And if they make a mess, CLEAN IT UP!

- People who think it is somehow cool to have their music heard for blocks away. It isn't cool, you look stupid, and your music sucks.

- People who take up more than one parking spot. Why? WHO KNOWS! I hope these vehicles get keyed, pooped on, and door dinged.

- People who stink. OMG! Have some decency to wash yourself before going into public! It is not all the rage to go out smelling of urine, feet, or marijuana and it never will be.

- Crying babies. Period. Restaurants, movies, etc. Yeah you want to go out to eat and do things like everyone else but you're disturbing everyone else with your diaper wearing banshee.

- Speaking of restaurants... if you try to tell someone exactly how to cook something, as in "set your heat to _, keep it on there for minutes, put it to the side. After that..." then stay your a home and cook it yourself! Don't mess with people who handle your food. Have you not seen the movie 'Waiting..."?

- Again when in a restaurant, if your phone rings it is OK to answer it. What is NOT cool is when you scream your conversation into the phone as if you're trying to yell at someone across a football field. You were just talking normally to the person next to or across from you, why the need to yell now? If you HAVE to yell for the other person to hear you, get a new phone because yours sucks or send a text message.

- At the movies. Shut up. That is all, just STFU. Sure it's OK to laugh or groan at scenes in the movie but to yell "HEY WHAT WAS THAT OTHER MOVIE THAT GUY WAS IN?" or during the trailers "OH MAN THAT MOVIE LOOKS GOOD" is not appropriate. If you have to talk, lean over to the person and whisper in their ear. My kids can do it, why can't you?

- Email and text message forwards. They need to stop. They are not cute, funny, or necessary. You will not have good/bad luck. You will not be rich/poor if you send/don't send.

- People who take dogs into stores with them. I get it, you love your pet but you know what? It's not cool and in most cases it is a health code violation. If it is not, it should be. If you don't want to leave your dog in the car because it is hot, LEAVE THEM AT HOME! Regardless if you are carrying them, or have the audacity to let them walk on the ground at HEB or another store (which I have seen) just don't. When does it stop being OK? What about people with horses? Or pigs? Or goats? Is it OK for them to take THEIR pets into stores too? of course those aiding the blind are not an issue IMO but wearing glasses does not make you qualify for that.

- People who invade your personal space. Back the F up and wait your turn to do whatever it is you want to do. It is not OK to spoon a stranger because you want to look at the same thing someone else is.

- Shirtless people. Come on, put some clothes on. Doesn't matter where it is, HEB, Wal-Mart, gas stations, etc. Of course if it's a good looking woman that is OK. haha ;-) Really though, what happened to the no shoes, no shirt, no service signs?

- Dudes with baggy pants. sigh Where do I even begin? What is the point of wearing baggy pants WITH A BELT if you are still having to pick them up every three steps? Seeing your underwear is not attractive, and the crotch of your pants being even with your knees is just ignorant. What ever happened to buying clothes that fit you?

- Parents that pretend to care what their kids are into. Like while at a GameStop, a lady was buying Grand Theft Auto 4 for her kid who had put it on the counter. The employee said, "Ma'am, you do realize this is a rated 'M' game because of strong violence, language, sexuality, as well as other things like that." The lady said, "Oh I know. I don't like for him to play those kind of games but that's what he likes." WTF!!? So... instead of being a parent and saying no, you go ahead and get something that is entirely inappropriate for your kid? Wow... That's just awesome.

Wow, that escalated quickly! haha I have another question, what is it with kids having mohawks this summer? Is that the style this year? Some are shaved down to the skin on the sides, some are more of a fauxhawk with it just longer in the middle. shrug I just don't get it, maybe I missed the memo. Anyhow, that was my rant. Can you relate? Are you one of those people who can give me some insight on why you do what you do?

Leave me a comment and let me know.