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Image Earlier this evening I was walking in HEB on my way to the cokes.  There was a pallet with cases of beer which I found odd in being in the SODA aisle but hey, whatever.  As I got closer, there was something on said cases of beer that made me literally "lol" and take a pic.

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Questions began to race through my mind as I whipped my BlackBerry from my man bag.  Questions like:

- Why is there a pregnancy test on all of this beer?
- Did someone need the test but did not have enough for both it AND the beer?
- Was needing one a result of too much of the other?
- Did a male or female do this?
- If it was a girl, did she start in mid-stride and felt she did not need the test?
- Did the person think they'd find a cheaper one at Wal-Mart?
- Did the person realize they had one/some at home and changed their mind?

Really now, what's the deal?  I mean... a pregnancy test is not exactly an "impulse buy". 

Note - The word "coke" was not capitalized as I was not being brand specific and was using the generic term for soda.