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Portable gaming is great when you are on the go. But what about when you are at home and are not in the mood to be sitting like a T-Rex and looking down at the small screen? Or not that I would not about this, but what if you have kids who want to watch you play but having them literally on top of you to see what is going on does not allow you to actually make any progress?

Well, if you have a PSP, all you may need is Sega Nomad! haha More recently, Nintendo did something similar with the Gamecube and came out with a Gameboy Player that let you play your Gameboy Advance games on your TV through your Gamecube.

To do this you will need a few things which depending on what you have will determine the total overall cost for this. First off you will need a PSP system of course. It will have to be the newer 'PSP-2000' or newer. Basically if you bought it new within the last year you should be good to go. This is because the newer versions dubbed Slim and Lite are currently the only models that support video output via this method. You will also need the cable as previously mentioned. Sony makes one of course, but there are cheaper third party ones too. I have the cheaper one which seems to work fine. The last and final thing you will need is a component input for your TV. If you do not know what that looks like, that is where it has three colors; red, green, and blue, for video and two for audio which of course is the red and white.

After you plug the cable in, you can switch video from the handheld to the TV by pressing and holding the 'Display' button on the PSP for at least 5 seconds. That is the one to the immediate right of the PSP logo at the bottom of the screen. Or, you can go to Settings>Connected Display Settings>Switch Video Output>(press X) and select yes to change screens. That's the going around your elbow way but it is always better to know 2 ways to do something than just one.

Here is a pic of the TV with the PSP hooked up.

Click for larger image

It went from 4.3" to over 43"!! haha The only thing that gets me is that the screen is filled up as you can see. But when you start the game the amount of screen the game takes up is less. That may be a few things like my resolution is high, the cable is not doing its job properly, or I just have a setting wrong. Of course I am not whining to much about the lost 'real estate'. Here is a shot of a game about to be loaded.

Click for larger image

So there you have it. Now you can get the benefit of your bigger screen and sound system if you have one to get further in to your Playstation Portable. Now if only something would come out for the DS...