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Commenting on another blog about Guitar Hero: On Tour reminded me that in a few days Guitar Hero: Aerosmith will be out! Yeah, I admit I am excited about this game. I know it will not be a major update from Legends of Rock, but I loves me some Aerosmith! Heck, 'Pump' was the very first CD I ever owned which I bought from a friend in wood shop in high school. (Thanks again Tim Spinks! lol) It would be a few months before I could afford a CD player though, haha.  I went as far as being in their fan club.  :">

There are a few things I do not like about the game which hopefully will forgotten about after spending some time with it. The first being the price of $60/$100 for the Xbox 360 version. Sure, I would buy most of the songs on XBL as DLC but would it be this much going that route? I was going to spring for the additional $40 to get another wireless guitar, but then I realized it would be wasted money as I already have 1 wireless for GHIII and 2 wired ones for Rockband. Besides that, I will be getting the bundle for Guitar Hero: World Tour and would not have anywhere to put them all.

Another thing is it is missing lots of good newer stuff IMO. That may be fixed with DLC later so I am not too worried about that one. In any case, here's my GH:A swag I have yet to hang up somewhere.

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There is one thing I know for sure... there is no way this will suck as much as Revolution X.  Now all I need is a scarf or two for my microphone stand to add to the realism while I'm being Joe Perry.