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Image The New Xbox Experience (dubbed NXE) is due out tomorrow 11-19-08.  I got to check it out a couple days early on the evening of the 17th.  What I have seen and messed with so far, I like.

Besides the slick new interface, Mii-like avatars, one of the features getting the biggest buzz is the ability to stream HD video via your Netflix account (Xbox Live Gold membership required).  There have been a couple of workarounds to accomplish this for sometime, but the integration of this is really nice.

Click here to check out my Flickr photoset of various screenshots.  If I had not craved to jump back into Fable 2 and if this were not launching worldwide in less than 8 hours, I would have a more in-depth review.

Overall, jsut like any new interface, it will take a bit getting used to, but with everything being the way it "should" be it should not take very long to know it as well as the old one.  If that weren't enough, I am getting 'Lips' (that sounds dirty but I assure you it's not) tomorrow too!  UGH!  So many great games, so little time!