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Dear Alice: Me and my boyfriend Kevin have been together for a really long time. He said that we should start going to church with each other so we can become even closer. We’re both Christians, but we’re two completely different denominations. His church is way different than my church, and I’m confused about some of the traditions and things that they do. I’m also afraid I’ll look dumb when I don’t know how to respond to what his Pastor says. Help me! -Questioning Churches

Dear Questioning Churches: I think it’s a good idea for you and your boyfriend to go to each other’s churches. It will bring you closer together and help you connect on a spiritual level as well. You should talk to your boyfriend about your fears. He can help explain anything you don’t understand, and tell you the types of responses you might need to say. My boyfriend and I go to each other’s churches (I’m Catholic and he’s Baptist), but at the beginning it was confusing because I didn’t know anything about his church. I asked him questions about everything, and now I’m comfortable in his church. This will be a great new step in your relationship, and remember that your boyfriend will be there to answer your questions and support you the entire time. -Lots of Love, Alice