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Dear Alice: I’m a shy person, but I want to ask the boy I like to the movies. I’ve liked him since freshman year, though I’ve never told him or even made a sign to him that I like him except a hurried, “Hi” in the hallway. When I get nervous I usually stutter and blush a lot, and then I just stop talking because I’m so embarrassed. How on earth can I ask him to go on a date with me if I won’t even get passed “Hi”? -Shyly in Love

Dear Shyly in Love: I think that this is a great first step toward being more confident and less shy around other people. The most important thing to do before you ask him is practice. That will help your voice confidence, and make the words flow more easily. Guys like it when a girl seems confident in herself, and by knowing exactly what to say, you will show him that you can be calm, cool, and collected. Walk up to him when he’s alone at his locker, and say something along the lines of, “Hey, I just wondered if you’d like to see a movie or something this weekend.” Say it nonchalantly and as if you didn’t care what the answer was. This will make him more interested because you will seem really confident. If he says yes, give him your number and ask him to text you later. If he says no, shrug your shoulders and tell him, “Maybe next time,” then walk away as if it didn’t bother you. The main thing to remember is to be comfortable and relaxed around him. Then there is no way you couldn’t ask out any guy in the school! -Lots of Love, Alice