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Dear Alice: My friends have been really ignoring me big time. I’m really close with one of the guys and he’s like my best guy friend and he doesn’t know what’s going on with them either. We tried to get the friends (boy and girl) to go out together but I’m not sure if they did or not because they haven’t been texting me or my guy friend back. We even tried to make some plans to hang out with them but they never texted either of us back. Do you think that they don’t like us or that they don’t like each other? My friend says that he thinks they have been texting each other, but if they are why can't they text us back too? -Missed Connection

Dear Missed Connection: I think that the loner friends may feel a little awkward around each other and are trying to work things out on their own. Maybe texting you and your guy friend makes them remember something awkward that happened when all of you were hanging out. It’s going to be frustrating, but they will come back eventually after they work out their own relationship. In the meantime, you should keep talking to them and trying to hang out with them. You can also spend some time with your close guy friend and do stuff with him and build up that friendship. Those friends aren’t trying to ignore you personally, they just need some alone time to sort out their own feelings. -Lots of Love, Alice