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Dear Alice: I HATE having my mom as my boss. She opened up shop a few years back and had a hard time hiring people that knew what to do. I wanted to start working so I decided to work for Mom for a few months to build up a resumé and get some experience. A few months turned into two YEARS. She’s a nice lady at home but the worst boss ever. All she does is walk around and complain about our work. Then she gets all the credit from the customers! She started talking about how I would run the shop someday but I can’t spend another week here! I want a job that pays me what I deserve and has normal hours. How can I tell her I quit without making her mad? -Family Feud

Dear Family Feud: No matter how you tell her, she’s probably going to be mad and upset that you’re not going to work for her anymore. I think you should start applying for jobs before you tell her. It’ll be less wait time between jobs, plus she’ll be less likely to stop you if you already have another job lined out. After you get accepted at one of the places you apply, sit down with your mom and tell her that you love her, but you need to move on and that you already have another job. She might try to talk you out of it, but be calm and strong when you tell her you need to quit. Try not to start a shouting match because that will just cause more problems. You don’t have to tell her why you’re quitting exactly, but maybe tell her that your new job offers better hours for your schedule. -Lots of Love, Alice