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Dear Alice: Me and my boyfriend have been dating for almost two years. But I'm moving soon to where I'm going to A&M up in College Station. He's already got his Associates and wants to start making money. Freshman can't live off campus so we couldn't see each other a lot. How are we going to make this work? Part of me wants him to find an apartment up there do we can visit all the time. But he has a pretty good job here. What should we do? - Distance

Dear Distance: I think that having a long distance relationship for a little while is good for you. It really tests the relationship and it builds trust to be apart and still have a loving bond. You won't be too far away, so you can still visit him every weekend , and he can go ahead and start earning money. You can also call, text, and Skype him whenever you aren't in class. If you two are meant to be together, everything will work out. Just be patient with the long distance and trust him. -Lots of Love, Alice