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Dear Alice: My dad came home after being deployed a few months ago. I know it isn’t his fault, but I kind of blame him for not being there. He missed a lot of important things in my family that we can’t get back and that he should have been there for. I know it’s stupid and ungrateful, but I’m just really angry about it and I don’t know why. -Soldier Sadness

Dear Soldier Sadness: You’re right; it really wasn’t your dad’s fault that he missed all those steps in your family. Your dad did a great service for you by fighting for America, but it’s okay to feel angry or sad. One way to think of it is he was fighting to keep your family safe, not really leaving you. He didn’t leave wanting to miss anything, and it probably hurt him a lot when he couldn’t see his family. Talk to your mom about how you feel. She was probably sad while he was gone too, and she can help you understand why he left in the first place. You can also talk to a school counselor or a teacher about how you feel. -Lots of Love, Alice