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Dear Alice: Me and my boyfriend have been together for about two years now. A few weeks ago, something really bad happened in our family and now living at my house isn’t as good. I told all this to my boyfriend and he asked me if I wanted to move in with him and his family until I finish senior year and start college. After that I can live in the dorms there. I don’t feel comfortable in my house right now, plus I’m alone most of the time. I’m not sure what to do. Should I move in with him? -Just Needs to Move

Dear Just Needs to Move: I’m so sorry that you feel your house is no longer a safe place for you. Everyone should have a place to call home, especially us in high school. Do you have any grandparents or relatives you could go live with? Or perhaps friends that would be willing to let you sleep over for a few days a week? I think that would be a better idea than living with your boyfriend. You two seem really close since you’ve dated for two years and he obviously cares about you because he asked you to move in. But I think that moving in together and constantly being around each other might strain your relationship and frustrate both of you. I also feel that high school is just too young to move in with your boyfriend. And no matter how safe you are or careful, if you sleep in the same house you will be tempted to sleep together and chances of a pregnancy will go up. So for now, I think you should move out of the home you’re uncomfortable with, but go to a friend or relative’s house instead of moving in with your boyfriend. -Lots of Love, Alice