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Dear Alice: My sister has been texting some guy lately that is kind of sketchy. Me and my whole family don’t like him cause he’s got a reputation as a player. We’ve been trying to tell her to stay away from him, but I know they’ve already gone out a few times. I know for a fact that he’s been texting and hitting on other girls besides my sister, cause my friend was one of the girls he tried to get with. I’m trying to tell her to leave him alone, but she won’t believe anything we say. She thinks he’s the sweetest guy ever even though he’s bad for her. How can I get her to stop trying to be with this guy? -Family Trouble

Dear Family Trouble: This guy sounds like bad news. Your sister is lucky she has someone like you and your family looking out for her. Try again to sit down with her and the family to tell her to leave him alone. If you can get your friend to save some of the messages he sent her, do it. Then show your sister all the messages he sent. It will be way harder to say he’s such a loyal guy when she sees evidence of his lies. If worst comes to worse and she still won’t leave him alone, then your family might have to keep her away from him by grounding. But that’s only a last resort because she may try to be a rebel and sneak out or something. Just try to convince her using evidence from your friends and maybe even using what her friends say about him. -Lots of Love, Alice