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Dear Alice: I want to quit my team. The coach is terrible and yells at us for sucking when it’s his fault we suck in the first place. He never tells us how good we do but cuts us down all the time. The only thing is that I’m one of the captains. But that’s another reason I want to quit. All the people the coach picked don’t do anything. I’m the only one that organizes anything and gets stuff done. Normally I’d wait till the season was over and quit then but this is a year round sport. I don’t know what to do! -Team Trouble

Dear Team Trouble: I’m sorry that your coach tells you those things, and I’m sure that your team is just fine. I think that you should talk to your parents about this, and maybe even your friends. You shouldn’t have to be in such a negative situation, but you don’t want to be a quitter either, especially since you have such a high position on the team. Ask yourself these questions: Will quitting help my schoolwork? Will quitting help my self-esteem? Will I continue this sport later on, like in college? Do what you feel would be best for you. I know that if you decide to stay you will be appreciated by the other teammates. I can tell that you care about them and your position as a captain. Just weigh all the pros and cons and decide what you should do. -Lots of Love, Alice