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Dear Alice: I’m having a super hard time trying to apply for college. I’ve been trying to do it by myself but I get so mixed up and can’t find out anything. I don’t evan know when due dates are or anything. How the heck do you even apply? I’m just about to give up! -College Doubtful

Dear College Doubtful: Don’t give up! Applying for colleges might seem really complicated at first, but it’s actually pretty easy. College Board makes a book called “The College Handbook” that will tell you anything you need to know about the college you’re looking at, including SAT requirements and what high school credits you need. It shows tuition and what you will expect to pay. College Board also makes a huge book filled with all the scholarships you can think of. You can pick out the ones you qualify for and apply for them, and pay a huge chunk of tuition on scholarships. Both of these books are available on You should create an ApplyTexas and CommonApp application, which are really simple and most colleges in the united states accept them. You will have to check with the college you are applying to in order to see if they have any additional questions they want you to answer. Talk to your guidance counselor and parents about which college to pick. It’s ok to ask for help! -Lots of Love, Alice