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Dear Alice: I think my girlfriend’s dad hates me even though I’ve been dating his daughter for only a few months. He gives me death glares and says stuff about real men and marriage and things about if he ever catches us messing around he’s gonna beat me up. He said all this like it was a joke but t definitely was not a joke, he really means he’s gonna beat me up. I like this girl a lot, but I don’t want her family to not like me. -Dad Danger

Dear Dad Danger: Sometimes dads are way more protective of their daughters than they need to be, so what you’re experiencing is not unusual at all. This dad is just trying to protect his daughter, and instead of being nice so a good boy comes along, he’s trying to run everyone off. He isn’t being personal; he only wants to save his daughter, who he probably still sees as a little girl. Eventually he will stop, so be very polite and kind to him. Try to make him trust you more by offering to do chores around her house and do the yard work for him. Do the best you can to be gentlemanly around him. If you really like this girl, then you can deal with her difficult father every now and then. -Lots of Love, Alice