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Dear Alice: I want to get a tattoo. Not a big one but a little one that shows off my style and my originality since I designed it myself. I would’ve gotten it already if my parents hadn’t been buzz kills and told me no. They say a tattoo is ridiculous and that I will ruin my chances of getting a job. I have the money for it and I’ve thought about it a lot. I know that the pros out way the cons. All my friends think that my tattoo is going to be totally awesome and support me but my parents don’t. -Tattoo Me

Dear Tattoo Me: I think that your body is your body. However, I also think that while you live with your parents and are supported by them you should respect what they say. Your parents are worried about it because they know that some high paying jobs won’t hire people with obvious tattoos. Make sure that if you ever get one to get it in a spot that is appropriate for the work you want to do later on. Some employers see tattoos as bad for their business, and would want you to be able to cover it up easily. Think about this longer and if you still want it when you are no longer supported by your parents then you can get it. -Lots of Love, Alice