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Dear Alice: I have this close friend who used to be like my sister. We used to do everything together and tell each other everything. Lately she has decided to start hanging out with a new group of friends. This group is really close and don’t really welcome new comers. She spends all of her time with them now, and she has completely forgotten about me!!! I don’t know what to do! -Forgotten Friend

Dear Forgotten Friend: I think that you should try to talk to her first without the group being around her. It sounds like she’s only listening to the other group of friends, and she likes all the attention she’s getting. Remind her why you’re friends in the first place and maybe she’ll come back around. If she still doesn’t hang out with you as much as before then you should probably give her some space. If she doesn’t want to be close to you anymore, then it’s her loss not yours. You shouldn’t have to chase after people that say they are your friends. After she sees that you’re serious, she may realize what she’s doing and come back to you. If you still want her friendship, then you can pick the relationship back up. Still be nice to her, but you don’t have to be as close as you used to be. -Lots of Love, Alice