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Dear Alice: I have one friend who is super nosy any annoying. He follows me around constantly and asks super awkward and dumb questions all the time! I wish he would shut up! The other day he dug into my purse and messed with all of the stuff inside, including some personal things I wish he would leave alone. I know what you’re thinking. He likes me or something creepy like that. But he has a girlfriend and I have a boyfriend and he doesn’t act like that to just me. He does it to everyone. My whole group of friends wants him to back up and stop digging into our personal lives. I don’t want to be mean but I really really REALLY want him to go away. -Extremely Annoyed

Dear Extremely Annoyed: I’m sorry you have to deal with such a pest, and that I have to tell you that you will have to deal with several more in your lifetime. The best way to deal with this person is to just tell him to stop and ignore him. He has a girlfriend so he must have friends that appreciate him elsewhere. Going through a girls purse without permission is unacceptable and beyond rude behavior. You wouldn’t go through his personal belongings and mess with his stuff. Be nice to him, though. It sounds like he is trying for attention because he isn’t getting it elsewhere, so try our best to still be kind to him. You can still be nice to him without putting up with his annoying behavior. -Lots of Love, Alice