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We disabled comments on one news article and froze comments on another. Both were articles about crimes, which tend to become problems. Sometimes, the best course of action is to not allow comments on these articles because emotions run so high.

In general, the comments on these articles were falling under the category of attacks and unsubstantiated assertions. We don't allow either of these. For a full look at our commenting policy, go here:

Please also note this part of the policy, adopted from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

  1. No whining. Moderating comments on our site is not censorship. Moderation is allowed on our site, and to quote the guidelines from the St. Louis Post Dispatch, "it can and will be subjective." If a comment is deleted and you have a question, contact the moderators directly at Comments asking why a comment was deleted will be removed from a comment thread.

Thank you to all of the many users who abide by these rules and make our site a welcoming, thoughtful place. We don't want to generate Web traffic by spurring on traffic through attacks and other harmful comments.