Blogs » Daily Commute » Be careful, it is dry out there


With the huge grassfire that consumed more than 700 acres of pasture land Friday is not enough to tell you it is really dry, I don’t know what will. Friday’s fire was not caused by fireworks, but from a spark caused when a tire came off a livestock trailer. That one spark started the fire that was fed by the wind and dry grass. It also serves as a reminder that wayward fireworks could cause the same type of problems over the weekend as we celebrate our nation’s independence. And those fires may not be in pasture land. Imagine if a firecracker got loose in a residential area. I don’t even want to think of the results. If you are going to celebrate Fourth of July be careful, don’t use fireworks in prohibited areas and don’t use prohibited fireworks. They are prohibited for a reason. Keep a water source nearby in case your fireworks get away from you. And have a phone nearby so you can call for help in case of a fire.

Better yet, bypass the home fireworks and go to one of the many public fireworks shows in the area. They are put on by professionals who know what they are doing. While it may not be as fun as setting off your own fireworks, it would cut down on chances of grass fires and endangering homes and people.

Hope you have a happy and safe Fourth of July.