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After eight days without modern communication at home, we are back in business.

The home and business phones are working, as is the Internet.

And it is nice to know I am connected to the world again from my little place in the world.

You never really realize how dependent you become on something until you don’t have it.

During the no communication time as I grew to call it, I caught myself going to the home computer many times to lookup information or to send an e-mail, but couldn’t.

I also would pick up the phone to call someone to ask a simple question, but when I heard silence I remembered I was in the no communication zone.

I could read e-mails on my cell phone, but couldn’t reply.

I was in a communication time warp.

So Saturday when the technician knocked on the door to say we had service again, I wanted to throw a party to celebrate.

Instead, I called Gary to tell him the good news. But instead of getting to tell the good news to his live voice, I had to leave a message - welcome back to modern communications.

Then I turned to the computer and started getting caught up on messages, research and other cyberspace activity.

It was like Christmas morning all over again.