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I just spent part of the night reading columns and working on the schedule of stories for this week.

We have to work farther ahead this week than usual because the Thanksgiving holiday changes some of our regular schedules.

Without giving out too much information, I encourage you to make sure you read the Advocate each day this week. We have stories planned that will make you laugh, make you cry or at least get a large lump in your throat, and help you plan your after-Thanksgiving Black Friday shopping. You will read another installment of our continuing series on the Fox family and how they are dealing with Craig Fox’s ALS; volunteers serving Thanksgiving dinners; a business that has been in operation for 140 years; a minister who has started a church for the unchurched; and much, much more.

To go with these stories we will have photos and videos that will help make the stories a complete package.

Some of our columns will make you stop and think, while others will help you feel thankful for your place in life.

So however you usually read the Advocate - the hold-in-your-hand print version, the e-edition online or by just browsing the stories online, I encourage you to do so this week.