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Thanksgiving is here.

Today, I stop for a few moments and give thanks for the many things in our lives.

Actually, I make it a practice throughout the year to give thanks for the people and things in my life for they help form who I am.

Here are 10 of the many things I am grateful for today and throughout the year.

  1. My husband – without a doubt the best move I ever made was meeting him and marrying him almost 20 years ago.

  2. Our families – the Williamses and the Coopers. I am grateful for the new babies born, the new in-laws who have joined the family and those who have been here for ever.

  3. My job – although things get crazy at times and the hours are long, after 25 years, it is still an exciting job.

  4. The community support we have received for Gary and Bill’s business.

  5. Friends, who understand our schedules and still manage to keep in touch.

  6. Our new house, which quickly became our home.

  7. The weight I lost and have kept off for more than a year - we won’t talk about the pounds that like me so much that they keep coming back.

  8. Our church, which welcomes us back week after week, no matter how often we miss.

  9. The thousands of young men and women in our military who each day face the possibility of death to protect us back at home. You are way braver than I will ever be.

  10. Timex and Rolex, aka Blackie and Brownie, our two dogs who keep us entertained and are always happy to see us.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families.