Blogs » Daily Commute » No time for recklessness


I see a lot of crazy driving and recklessness out on the highways and streets. I can usually shake my head and not think about it any more.

But this morning I witnessed some recklessness that has stuck with me. I will try to explain it as concisely as possible.

I was coming to work on Main Street. I was in line with several vehicles including two large gravel trucks stopped at the traffic light in the southbound lanes at Nursery Drive and Conti Lane intersection. A small blue car pulled into the left turn lane as if he was turning onto Nursery Drive.

Across the intersection was a car in the left turn lane to turn onto Conti Lane and many cars were coming north.

As the light turned green for us, the driver of the little blue car darted out from the left turn lane, around the car waiting to turn onto Conti Lane and into the oncoming lanes of traffic.

The driver maneuvered around and into the left turn lane, merging finally in front of the large gravel trucks and whatever other vehicles ahead of them.

Oh, and did I say this was all done in the fog.

I don’t know where the car ended up, I never saw it again.

My first reaction was to ask out loud “What in the world are you doing?

Then it was, “Holy crap here we go with another wreck. Hopefully no one gets hurt.”

Then it was “Please guys see this idiot and don’t hit him.”

I don’t know if this driver was trying to impress someone in the car with him or if he realized he didn’t want to turn there and didn’t want to wait in traffic to get back into the main lanes.

Or maybe it was a move he learned playing video games and he wanted to try it out.

I don’t know, but I do know it was a really reckless stunt to pull.

Maybe I’m just jumpy because the area has had two fatal wrecks in the past two days. And seeing photos of the crumpled messes made of the vehicles kind of sticks with me.

With the New Year’s weekend starting today and many people planning to be out celebrating the New Year, I just hope people drive carefully, don’t try foolish stunts and make it home safely.

Be careful and have a happy and safe 2012.