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Like it or not, $3 a gallon gas is back.

Driving up Navarro on my way home tonight I noticed most stations offering unleaded gas for $3.09 a gallon.

Glad I filled up last night for a mere $2.94 a gallon.

It’s been over the $3 mark in Yoakum for more than two weeks now, but then again gas is usually higher here than in Victoria.

I winced as I thought about the higher prices because like clockwork I have to make two stops at the gas pumps each week.

I also was thinking about the good ‘ol days of my youth – gosh that makes me sound old. Anyway, I remember cruising around in my mom’s car on a weekend night and then at the end of the night using our left over change to fill up the car with gas – $1.50 to $2 usually did the trick.

I also remember when gas prices hit triple digits for the first time and the pumps were not equipped to show any price over 99 cents. The price per gallon shown was actually half the price. And to know how much you owed, you ad to double the cost. It kept the math skills fresh – yes, that was before pocket calculators - back in the olden days.

Then there was the gas rationing days of the late 1970’s. The last digit on your license plate determined which day you could buy gas – even numbers on one day, odd numbers on the next. I remember wasting a lot of time waiting in line to get gas so I could go to college and work the next day.

It’s good to remember where you have been and to hope that some of the past – such as out of control gas prices – are not repeated.