Blogs » Daily Commute » In the rush for Christmas, don't forget Thanksgiving


Say it ain’t so, Thanksgiving is being overshadowed yet another year by Christmas and the people who put up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving.

I am seeing more and more yards decked out in Christmas lights, inflatables and other yard decorations.

I started seeing the yard decor last weekend. Now I’m seeing more homes decorated.

While the lights are pretty, it is sad that people can’t wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate.

Thanksgiving is not as commercially driven as Christmas- it is kinda like the holiday retailers have forgotten. But it is an important time to stop and give thanks for our family, friends, good fortune and everything else that has happened since last Thanksgiving.

I love the Christmas season, but I also love Thanksgiving because it is a time to relax with family and friends and to enjoy good food and fellowship, while giving thanks.

For me, like millions of others, Thanksgiving signals the kick off of the holiday season, which ends with New Years Day.

People don’t decorate their yards for Thanksgiving as much as they do for Christmas, Easter and Halloween.

I have seen one yard in Yoakum decorated with a large turkey made from a round bale of hay and lights. There are probably others, but I haven’t seen them.

The inside of our home is decorated with fall items including turkeys, pumpkins, a door wreath, fall leaves and yes, a pilgrim or two. When Thanksgiving is over some of these decorations will go back to storage, while some will stay out until it is time to decorate for Christmas in December.

One year my oldest sister, who loves Christmas more than anyone I know, decorated her house with a simple Christmas tree on Halloween and enjoyed an extended season. While it was fun to see her excitement, it was hard for me to share that excitement because it was a month before Thanksgiving and almost two months before Christmas.

Call me old-school, but Thanksgiving shouldn’t be forgotten in the rush for Christmas.