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Starting Monday many of you will get phone calls from our reporters wanting to talk to you about being named the Best in the Crossroads.

The voting spanned most of January. Then it took time to tabulate more than 3,000 ballots, but we have done it.

Now the assignments have been made. So please, if you get a call from one of our reporters take a few minutes to talk to him or her.

Some businesses are repeat winners, some are first timers.

Some of you won in more than one category.

It is exciting to see the variety of businesses we have in the Crossroads. We had 159 categories to vote on.

As an added bonus we will share some of the more humorous answers we received. Here are a few examples:

Best kid-friendly restaurant: kids are grown - does not apply.

Best place to get wings: Tyson’s Chicken in the freezer at Sam’s

Best cosmetic/ plastic surgeon: Let me know which is best

Best athletics program: Not the Cowboys obviously.

The section is set to publish on March 25.