Blogs » Daily Commute » A Deer Greeting


Image This morning when I went outside to leave for work, I was greeted by a deer standing near my car. I watched her as I put my purse and bag in the front seat. I was able to get my camera and walk to the end of the car to take this photo before she ran off.

My theory is she was either coming for the fresh water standing from Gary watering the front yard this morning or was heading to my flower bed to eat the rest of my flowers.

I had a beautiful bed of flowers until the deer discovered them and made them breakfast, lunch, supper and snacks. Every time blooms appear, the deer come back for more. (I’m researching deer resistant flowers for next season).

While that part irritates me, I still love watching the beautiful animals. Sunday, we stood in the back yard and watched a doe and two fawns graze in the side yard. It is so amazing to watch wildlife that close up.