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For many years now, I've been a lover of traditional and modern French interior design.

A dear friend of mine from Alpharetta, Ga. introduced me to the opulent decorating style years ago. She was one of Atlanta's few female home builders, and later, when she retired, she parlayed her talents for custom luxury home-building into interior design for mega-wealthy clients. Her design style of choice? French traditional, contemporary and modern.

To this day, I'm always in awe of her ability to transform an empty, or humdrum space into a chic and comfortable room that looks like it could be photographed for Architectural Digest magazine.

So you can imagine when I stumbled upon this article today, "1942 ‘Time Capsule’ Apartment Discovered In Paris" I was absolutely stunned.


The pictures depict an abandoned Paris apartment, owned by French socialite Madame de Florian during World War II. Florian continued to pay rent on the apartment after she fled Paris during the war. But when she died at 91, a few years ago, an auctioneer discovered the apartment and realized the possessions inside had remained untouched -- like a time capsule -- for about 70 years.


Oh, how I would love to see this apartment and the possessions inside. I can only imagine the treasures inside, the artwork and furniture and trinkets that I would proudly display on my walls and shelves for the rest of my life if I ever had the chance to purchase some of Madam's items.

I can only imagine how lovely this apartment must have looked in its heyday. And I'm sure once someone comes in and cleans up the dust, and freshens the curtains and walls and furniture, it will be restored to its original Parisian luster. I'll be looking for those photos tout de suite.

So here is how I feel about this lovely little gem of an apartment: Je l'adore, Je l'adore, Je l'adore! Je te prie, un jour, ma maison sera aussi belle que Madame de Florian l'appartement à Paris.

Translation: I love it, I love it, I love it! I pray, one day, my home will be as lovely as Madame de Florian's apartment in Paris.