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 Well, another Cuero Wildflower Bike Ride has come and gone and I was happy to once again take part in it.

 The morning began with cool temperatures but once we got started, riders - and the weather - warmed up. It was "Chamber of Commerce" weather, making a perfect day for a bike ride out in the country. Local law enforcement officers halted traffic downtown so we could make it safely through and members of the Anchor Club provided refreshments and much-needed support along the way. I especially appreciated the warning signs held by members at the railroad crossing. Support was also available in the form of a first aid kit, bicycle pump and extra inner tubes at the church on Schlinke Road. I hope none of our fellow riders needed them but it was great having those available, just in case.

 I had signed up for the 49.5 mile ride but at the first rest stop, my ride buddy, Leslie Wilber and I were to part company. Leslie chose the 31.7 mile route and was to take the left fork in the road while I was to take the right fork. Well, I didn't feel like riding alone so I joined Leslie for the 31.7 mile route and I'm glad I did for the roads had little traffic and the colorful wildflowers were magnificent.

 I could add more but I will stop for now and give Leslie a chance to add her thoughts about the ride. Also, I would invite any of you other riders that took part in the Wildflower Bike Ride to share your stories about it.