Blogs » Bicycle » Clouds. Rain. Nice weather for a ride


Edouard made some great riding weather in Victoria this morning. The cloud cover kept things cool, and there wasn't much wind.

Even the light rain wasn't bad. As I pedaled down Vine, I watched it bead on my arms and legs. 'You know what's cool?' I thought. 'Skin.' (I had to answer myself because it was a rare introspective moment.) Skin does a pretty darned good job of separating our guts from the elements.

Riding a bike really makes me appreciate the human body -- that’s one of my favorite things about cycling.  I’m not the first to say this, but the cleverness of bikes is amazing. I can’t think of a more efficient use of energy. I’m sure the physicists among you could point some out, but that’s one of the few facts I’d just rather not know.