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A story in the NYT talks about cyclist/driver hostilities. Hitting someone, then jumping out of the car to punch him? Really? Isn't that a bit much? I love this response to the story: "Nobody's as cool as they think they are, and no matter what, you look ridiculous to somebody." True words of wisdom.

I'll grant drivers this -- there are cyclists who don't obey traffic laws and do things so dumb it your forehead hurts before you can slap it. People who ride down the wrong side of the road, at night with no lights, etc.

But here's the thing -- if you can see a person, why would you willfully assault him with a car? Most rational people wouldn't, I think. It does happen, though.

Here's what scares me more than angry drivers: the ones who don't pay attention.  On my ride home Thursday, I was nearly hit twice by people who just didn't see me. Both had stop signs, while I did not.

The first driver was a man in an SUV crossing Bridge Street. He left me little room when he pulled in front of me. There was no question I needed to slam on the breaks.

The second driver was a woman in a Benz, crossing Red River. She ran a stop sign. I don't think she saw me, even after I came within a foot of hitting her and almost flipped my bike in an effort to stop.

Let me do a really bad job paraphrasing Kurt Vonnegut when I say what the roads need is a little more kindness.  And attentiveness.