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This blog was linked in a recent NY Times story about cycling. I had to go back to confirm -- this is my favorite bike blog this week. I'm happy to report that I doubt anything about my bike could be classified as ironic. Or maybe I'm blind to my own foibles. I am sure, however, that the fork leg mounted brake lever is not for me. I've never touched my fork leg while riding, and if I tried, I'd mangle my hand in the spokes, I bet.

On a more practical note -- I'm in search of cuter things to wear on my bike. If you read this blog, you might have gathered I cycle just about everywhere. Now, I don't mind looking scrubby on my way to and from work -- after all, I'm just going to change. When I go out at night, I can roll up the cuffs on my jeans or wear a dress and ride Yellow Bike.

But when I'm out and about on the weekend I'm usually on the 520, which is better for running errands. So a sun dress is out. But I don't want to roast. So jeans are out. And I really, really hate shorts. I hold dear the thought that the women's wear industrial complex conspired to make shorts look dorky on anyone older than 16. Don't know why they do this.

I have one pair of cutoffs that are OK, but they're plaid, so my thick parts look thicker and they don't have back pockets, so I make Greg tote all my stuff and he always forgets where he put it.

I'm partial to skirts, so I bought a running skirt. It's OK, but not exactly stylish. I'm working on some skirts based on the same design, but I'm not much of a seamstress.

Any suggestions, folks?