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Wear a helmet.

Now, I'm not anyone's mother. But I cringe when I see most of the cyclists in Victoria don't wear helmets on the road. They're pretty cheap -- starting at $15 or so. Certainly much cheaper than hospital care.  They're not sexy, but from what I've seen, neither are brain injuries. And you can take your helmet off at the end of the day.

Maybe you're one of those people who rides a bike for fun, or because you can't afford a car, or because you think you're going to save the world by pedaling. Whatever the case, cyclists tend to get more scrutiny than drivers. We're more visible (it's not always possible to see if a driver is wearing a seat belt, but you can tell if someone on a bike is wearing a helmet.) Plus, we kind of stick out here.

Yesterday, I went for a ride with restaurant owner Cliff Kuykendall. I think he summed it up best: "Always wear a helmet. I wear my seat belt in the car and I wear a helmet on the bike."