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Confession: I have been a wuss about riding downhill -- especially on roads -- my entire adult life. And to a great extent, it could be said my breaks add friction not only to my rims, but to my home life.

When my boyfriend and I go on rides, here's what the downhill sections sound like:

Greg: OK, now try going down here without using your breaks.


Greg: What are you doing?


Greg: You're riding your breaks.

Me: I'm, uh, just gonna slow down here a little.

Greg: You're going to want this momentum for that hill up there.


So I was thrilled when this NYT story, featuring tips from a likely Olympian, said speeding downhill never becomes less terrifying, but the fear can be managed. Admittedly, I'm not going downhill at 50 miles per hour.... let's seee..... ever.

I was also pretty stoked to read the suggestion that I eat Nutella. Well, that's how I'm taking that advice, anyhow.