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I really enjoyed the story line in Frazz last week. You'll have to start with 6/16 to get the whole thing.

I agree with this:  If you love a bike and you ride it a lot, it's worth every penny you spent. If you have a bike you hate and refuse to ride, it's worthless no matter the price tag.

In college, I had a cheap bike that I HATED. I bought Yellow Bike (its name) a couple of years ago. I'm usually pretty... uh... thrifty, so this was only the second major purchase I made since graduating. I loved this bike since the first time I rode it, and I've never regretted the purchase. It's stylish, with 21 speeds and thinnish tires. Oh, and I can wear a sun dress when I ride. This bike is a summer weekend.

More recently, I added a road/touring bike to the stable (we now have the "bike cave" for, you guessed it, bike storage under our stairs. In our living room). Another bike I love. Seriously, on the hottest day of the year so far I rushed home from work so I could take the 520 (its ID pending a good name) for a ride. It's a quick little machine and great for hauling groceries.

I can't think of many other purchases I've gotten so much satisfaction from.