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I'm looking for some people who bike for transportation (not just fun and exercise -- I want people who bike to work, the grocery store, mom's house for dinner.) I'd also like to find people who have tried bike commuting, but for some reason it hasn't taken.

You guessed it, I'm working on a story about bike commuting and sure would like some more sources. You can call me at 580-6521 or email me at

On that note, I'm experimenting with biking to work. Since I often do need my car, I parked it here for emergencies (literally emergencies -- fires, bank robberies and the like.) But I've been biking to and from home since Friday night. So far, I love it.

Yesterday, between biking to and from work and to and from the gym, I covered about 12 miles -- and got 40 minutes of extra exercises. Today, I'll probably go to the gym and the grocery store -- maybe cover about 15 or 16 miles? Dare I hope that's enough calories to cover a cold beer and a cupcake? Mmm, not quite. As Eric said to me earlier, from his house to work it's about 15 minutes by car and 23 by bike. It's not a big difference and at the end of the day, it's a nice way to unwind.

Plus, it adds a lot of color to your day. For example, last night a giant cockroach or beetle fell onto my arm -- kinda startled me.

Hmm. Ok, that wasn't the best POSITIVE example. I'll try harder next time.