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Every day, I see more bikes in Victoria. Naturally, I'm thrilled and I want to welcome my fellow cyclists to the road. Some of you may not have ridden since you were kids, so it's particularly great to see you've come back around.

Here are some tips (some I wish people would have given me) for the new cyclist:

1. Bike locks. Bike thieves are soulless cretins who want to steal your ride. They don't care how nice, or not, it is. To illustrate: The crummiest bike I ever owned (in college) was stolen (and eventually recovered.) Boulder, Colorado is filled with awesome bikes that would seem to be far more tempting to a thief. Why was my bike taken, then? Because it was, uh, questionably secured. Lock your bike. Make sure the lock goes through the frame so that the FRAME can't be removed from the thing it's locked to. Make sure you can't just lift the bike over the thing it's locked to. For an added flourish of security, lock your front wheel.

2. Ride with traffic. That means the same direction as. The more you adhere to traffic laws, the safer you are. For real.

3. If you have children who you tote around in a trailer or  on-bike kiddie carrier, I salute you. You are setting a great example for your children, which will hopefully help them to grow up with tiny waists and carbon footprints, and expansive lung capacities. But really, your kids need to wear helmets, even if they're not the ones driving. And if you REALLY want to set a good example, YOU should wear a helmet too, Mom and Dad.

See you all on the road,