Blogs » Bicycle » My bicycle security level has been upgraded to "Pink"


I re-wrapped my handlebars yesterday -- with super-sexy pink cork tape. Ooooohhh. Looks fantastic with the burgundy bike (that's why I picked it!) Aaahhhh.

I also figure this will be a theft deterrent. My understanding is your garden-variety bike thief (especially in a place that's not bike crazy) does not like the drop bars to begin with. My totally un-scientific theory is most bike thieves in Victoria are men (because I hardly ever see women riding bikes here. And I assume a bike thief uses his quarry as the getaway vehicle.) The pink tape definitely gives the otherwise ruggedly handsome bike a girlie flair, which I think would make it unattractive to many men. Namely, the type of guy who steal bikes.

More on the crime-prevention topic: Folks, it's good to lock your bike. Let me say though, that merely BUYING the Kryptonite U-lock does not protect your bike. Nor does locking said U-lock to a post near your bike. You know this right? OK, so taking this one step further (we'll call this domain "Advanced-bike locking theory"): Your bike is not effectively locked unless you put the lock through the frame. The frame being the solid part of the bike that doesn't come apart -- the jumble of metal triangles (or curves on your cruiser/stylish comfort bike) that makes up most of your bike.

I'm worried about this because we saw, this weekend, a bike locked by slipping the U under the handlebars. I appreciate that the owner of this bike is trying -- after all, he shelled out 40 bucks for a good lock. But it would take only an allen wrench (less than $10) to pull off his handlebars in less than five minutes. Then, this poor cyclist is left with a lock -- which has still secured itself to the post -- but no bike.

I'm not trying to be snarky here: I've taken great pains to lock my bike only to look down and realize -DOH! - I haven't locked my bike at all. Just a reminder. Once you've locked your bike, think: Is it really locked? How simple a tool could a mustachioed villain use to pry it free?